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Western Australia Exploration Geochemistry Online

A facility to search for and download harmonised open file surface and downhole geochemistry data from exploration company datasets in GSWA's Mineral Drillholes Database .

Data in the 'geochemistry tables' in the database have been harmonised by standardising company analyte names and units (see Help Guide for more info).

Use the "Downhole assay" and "Surface assay" pages to execute searches using various criteria. Results will be displayed for viewing on-line. You can also choose to download your search results in a .zip archive.

Retrieved data for download are provided as a set of 'flat' .csv files containing drillhole/sample, DHS and assay details (one record per assay with both source and harmonised fields) and as a pivoted table of samples in rows by harmonised analyte assay values in columns.


You can download the complete "Open File MDHDB" database (Microsoft SQL Server 2016 .bak format) as supplied by GSWA (November 2021 release).

Download GSWA Open File MDHDB (20.5 GB) - November 2021 release.

This website is currently based on the November 2021 GSWA dataset. We are currently processing the May 2022 dataset and the website will be updated when that is done. In the meantime, the GSWA Open File MDHDB for May 2022 is available for download below.

Download GSWA Open File MDHDB (22.5 GB) - May 2022 release.

Also available for download is an "All of WA harmonised & pivoted Assays" dataset (Microsoft SQL Server 2019 .bak format). This dataset provides harmonised and pivoted data (all analytes) for all of WA Downhole (DH) and Surface (SS) assays derived from the November 2021 release of the GSWA MDHDB database.

Download pivot dataset (5.9 GB)

Please note: these are large downloads and may be subject to network interruptions, you can resume a ‘failed’ download in Chrome and other modern browsers.

Read more about the "Pivot" dataset in this readme.txt file.

Download the Analyte Matching table used in the harmonisation process.

This site is best viewed in a desktop browser, and is not optimised for mobile viewing.

Important Note

The data in the tables have been extracted from the Mineral Drillholes Database which stores the assay data as supplied by mining and exploration companies. There has been no quality control carried out on the actual results. It is incumbent on the user to check the original reports if there is any doubt about the validity of the harmonised data.

In carrying out this exercise a number of potential data errors have been identified. The most common is with the units of measure that have been supplied by the company. Any suspicious units of measure should be checked and disregarded if found to be outside normally expected values.

No corrections have been made to suspicious units of measure values at this time. It would be appreciated if any suspicious data could be reported to

Help Guide

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